Play Blackjack - Why Bother

Play Blackjack – Why Bother?

I sometimes wonder why I still play blackjack. It is a game I love, but I don’t quite know why I love it. abroad, some of the people I meet seem to think blackjack is really quite simple to learn. It isn’t. It took me a long time to master basic strategy which probably explains why I never win a trip to Las Vegas. Here I will share with you what I did, and what I think you should do to increase your chances of winning.

  1. Never Blame Others…

You are never going to make money at blackjack by being superstitious. You are never going to get away with thumping the dealer because he is getting lucky. You can’t expect others to do exactly what you do, but you can learn to play the probabilities and maybe pick up a few chips along the way.

  1. Do Your Homework.

It is important to do your homework before going to the casino to play. You need to know the layout of the board and what hand beats what hand. It is also important to know what hitting, standing, splitting, double down, surrender, insurance and other procedures are.

  1. Know The Rules.

Before you go to an actual casino, you should read up on the rules. You don’t have to remember the rules, but you should read up on them. Most online casinos are going to have a special page dedicated to the rules of blackjack. Make sure you know them!

  1. Bluff At The Right Time…

Bluffing is a highly essential skill that you need to learn in order to become a good card player. You have to learn when to bluff and when not to bluff. Too many players bluff too often and get caught bluffing too often. Not going to happen! Make sure you use your bluff sparingly and on the right players.

  1. Get A Strategy.

The problem with many blackjack players is that they just have no idea how to play the game. They winds up busting time and time again. There is a perfect way to play blackjack, and it is called a tournament. Tournaments are different from the typical blackjack game because the blinds go up at different intervals and it is not possible to simply surrender when you are behind. In a tournament, you must adapt your blackjack strategy and play against your opponent’s strategy. You cannot play to your opponent’s style. You must play to your strategy. That is the only way to win.

If you are just starting out in the game or looking for a little extra help, don’t forget to pick up a basic blackjack strategy book such as the “pp61 blackjack book” by Perry Green and Lawrence Revere. Don’t be afraid to spend some money on a higher quality book, because quality books can increase your expectation of winning. You may want to buy a book even if you have already acquired the knowledge you need; a bad strategy book can ruin your game and learning.

Good Mega88 players study their hands and the others, based on the hands they’ve played, the number of decks in play and the cards showing, and they try to estimate their chances of winning. After they have studied and mastered the game, they look for the best places to sit at the gaming table to maximize their advantage. They do not play every hand, and they know the best time to hit, stand, double down and split pairs.

If you are just starting out in the game or looking for extra help, don’t forget to study up on the blackjack rules and strategy, and start with a lower limit table before moving up the ladder.