plato trendbook 2007 : size 20 x 20cm, 52 pages

note: i mentioned about this trendbook earlier. this trendbook was such a rush job because it had to be ready for tiff 2007 (march 7-11, 2007) i received all the photos on march 1st and the printing process required five days to complete which meant that i must finish designing and prepare all the files needed by march 2nd. so i worked continuously from 10am. on march 1st to 6am. the next day. [sick] there was no time left. i didn’t even have time to prove the colors before printing… five days later, it turned out to be just okay, there were some mistakes which should be corrected though. below is a collection of sample pages (click on the image to enlarge)

if you’re interested in these furniture, you can visit plato showroom on 3rd floor, siam paragon.
for the direction, please check plato website.