pixel smilies

pixel smilies

150 150 *pradt

[aleft] [aright] [aup] [adown] [badmood] :D :? [cool] [cry] [dead]
[desperate] [disc] [diskette] [drool] [duh] [shock] [evil] [!] [eyeclose] [furious]
[hihi] [huh] [idea] [innocent] [isad] [ishock] [ismile] [isurprise] [itongue] [lol]
[mad] [mail] -_- [nolisten] [ooo] [oops] [ouch] [?] [razz] [shy]
[roll] :( [sick] :) [stunned] [surprise] [suspicious] [tongue] [twisted] ;)
hooray! :) last night i managed to put clickable smilies in comment section for the very first time. and i just created additional smilies, now there are total 50 of them. if anyone wants to use these pixel smilies on website, weblog, or forum, you can download the complete smilies pack here. enjoy! [ooo]
p.s. mr.green has been removed because i think he looks kinda weird. [eyeclose]

  • Thanks for doing this, it’s made me don’t guess that what will be shown on screen. [shy]

  • they’re too small on my 1280.

  • This is perfect! [drool]

  • i’m also using 1280 [shock]
    pixel smily is limited to the size 11×11 because it best fits with the smallest readable text. if the smilies are bigger than 11×11 they will mess with the interval between the lines [eyeclose]

  • Jarbbbbbbbbbb [oops]
    Thanks for this cool stuff…

  • thanks dude!! you r handy. Pls tell me more of how to double-click on these smilies and make them appear inside message box.

  • what message box are you talking about? [roll] regular msg box? normally you’ll need javascript to do that. it depends on the system you’re using.

  • Yeah, that’s more convinent for everyone to leave a comment including some smilies. [ismile]

  • I wanna listen to “come together now” written for natural disaster’s victims and poverty around the world.

  • สุดยอดวัต
    ทำอีกเยอะๆ สวยดี เอาให้แปะได้เต็มกำแพงไม่ซ้ำกันเลยอ่ะ :)

  • Aragorn ผู้อ่อนโยน 2005.10.27 at 13:03


  • i luv da smiles [tongue] they rock! wooo [!] bit hard to see as they rso small :( but oh we;; [ismile] [idea] [mail] [diskette] [sick] [disc] [roll] [razz]

  • i’m definitely going to use these once i can get wordpress working right.

    :) thankyou! [!]

  • ให้ฟรีจริงๆหรือคับ? [hihi]


    เวลาเอาไปใช้จะใส่ credit ใน sourcecode ให้ครับ

  • ขออนุญาตินำไปใช้นะครับ ขอบคุณมากครับ

  • OMG OMG OMG these are sooo cute but how do i use them? [ishock] like is it possible to use them on aim or is it just used for websites if so then thats ok but still how do i use them?

  • kristy:
    to use on aim, i’m not sure if aim can add custom smilies. to use them on website, just right click on one, select properties, and copy url location. then you can use img tag to insert each one into webpage.

  • Thank you for the smilies. I grabbed some of them. [ismile]

  • these are awesome ;D [hihi]

  • พี่ pradt เราขออนุญาตเอาsmilies พวกนี้ไปใช้ประกอบการเขียนรายงานส่งอาจารย์หน่อยนะคะ(รายงานการใช้อิโมติคอนข้ามวัฒนธรรม ) ขอบพระคุณล่วงหน้า

  • @siamesekid

  • quiterandom 2009.02.20 at 4:44


    :] Nice

  • COOL!!!!! [ishock]

  • thank you [lol] they are wonderful

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