paris for president

paris for president

150 150 *pradt

paris hilton has just released her new music video to retaliate republican presidential candidate john mccain after he used her image without permission in a tv campaign suggesting that obama was no more than a celebrity candidate who was not ready to lead the nation.

well, the video is okay. the melody sucks and not catchy.
however if you listen carefully there’re some fun messages in it;

when they tell you ’bout my policies
to stop the player-hating on the usa,
incentivize nuclear non-proliferation and ratify kyoto today.
you can ride in the motorcade in the hybrid, pink escalade!

simon cowell, he might be a little mean,
but when his oldest kicks the bucket
i’ll put him on the court supreme
then I’ll paint the white house pink
and move camp david to maui

get your cute little butt out there and vote!


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