Alex Cross
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Dr. Alex Cross is a psychiatrist and police lieutenant based on Alex Cross novel by James Patterson. He and his partner investigate a crime which is believed to be the work of a trained assassin.

Hello iPhone 5
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The new one is longer, thinner, lighter, brighter, faster, and better of course.

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Young filmmaker Victor Frankenstein lives with his parents and a dog named Sparky. One day, Sparky gets killed by a car.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
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The story follows its previous film, Rose is trapped in another dimension after she used the key to send Sharon back. Sharon loses all her memory about Silent Hill and her mother.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
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The film depicts a high school boy named Charlie, he is shy, unpopular and actually has no friend. He also has a problem of his own.

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The story takes place after the fall of Pahlavi dynasty, during The Iranian Revolution in 1979. Islamic militants take over the U.S. embassy in Tehran in retaliation for the country’s support of the recently deposed Shah.

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In the year 2074, time travel is invented and it quickly becomes illegal. Tracking technology has been globally adopted, which makes it almost impossible to kill someone and get away with it.

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The story is set in the future America, in a city so called “Mega City One”, where the only force of order is the Judges.