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barack obama is probably the first presidential nominee who completely enters realm of graphic design. every once in a while i’ve seen the design for obama here and there, and now it’s like everywhere! i have subscribed to several graphic design related blogs, and they’re all talking about obama and graphic of obama!

design for obama is created by aaron perry-zucker and adam meyer, filled up with loads of cool posters designed by graphic artists to support barack obama. each poster can be printed out in a4 paper. there’re many interesting posters; such as polar bear for obama, all colors together, and remote.control

  • Polar Bear is so cute!!! :D

  • Man, I like this design [hihi]

  • ถือว่าเจ๋งมาก
    สโลแกนหลักของ obama คือ change

  • เบื้องหลังการเมืองคือต้นทุนมหาศาล…และอะไรอีกมากมาย อาทิ spin doctors & make-up artists
    ตอนนี้เพิ่ม graphic designers ไปด้วยแล้น เหอๆ

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