Ghosts (Nine Inch Nails)

Ghosts (Nine Inch Nails)

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Ghosts | Nine Inch Nails (2008) ★★★★☆
ghost i-iv is the sixth studio album by nine inch nails, contains thirty-six instrumental tracks. the album was recorded in ten-week-period of autumn 2007, then released on march 2, 2008.

the album spans over two discs (why not four?), each contains eighteen tracks with no titles, only identified by the number of track. the album is available as digital download for only $5 with 40-page of booklet in pdf format. also available as double standard cd fo $10. or if you are a big fan, you might want to purchase deluxe package which includes cd, dvd and blu-ray disc for $75. if that’s not enough, you can also order ultra-deluxe edition which includes additional vinyl copies and signed prints from ghosts.nin. unfortunately, the limited ultra edition is sold out due to high demands.

ghosts i is available for free download at ghost.nin where you can get first nine tracks for free, or you can hit bittorrent site such as isohunt which i managed to get ghosts i within five minutes.

my favorite tracks from ghost i are track one, four, seven, and nine.
why there’s no $20 or $30 edtion with dvd? i don’t want blu-ray, $75 for blu-ray?
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