Summer Time (NEWS)

Summer Time (NEWS)

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Summer Time | NEWS (2008) ★★★☆☆
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summer time is the latest single from news (north-east-west-south), a boy band from japan under johnny & associates. boy band is not my cup of tea, but i find that the melody and verse of this song is very addictive. so i must praise the work of people behind this song which are zopp, red-t, naoki-t, and lowarth.

“summer time” went to the top of weekly oricon chart (which is no surprise, they normally do) …single “summer time” is also released in thailand, only 159 baht which includes two other tracks; easy come, easy go & baby! be my baby! however those songs ain’t worth mentioning.

  • พอฟังแล้ว ผมนึกไปถึง Ho Summer! ของ Tacky & Tsubasa เมื่อปีก่อนแฮะครับ

  • @ake
    never heard of that song before but i did check out it on dailymotion. although both songs used summer as theme, the rhythm and feeling are totally different. ho!summer’s melody resembling the tune from 70’s era, summer nights (grease).

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    เพลงสมวัย granny จริงๆ (ฮา)
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