new lg chocolate

new lg chocolate

150 150 *pradt

well, i used to have lg chocolate… normally i do not like korean products (including electronic stuff and films) new lg chocolate (bl-40) looks sleek with 4.0″ widescreen resolution 800×345 pixels, dual screen user-interface, a-gps, 5mp camera. but is it interesting enough for me to get one? i would have no say, no. lol

  • how about music? normally after use samsung lcd, i feel like i like jvc more, i don’t know why korean want to make their product too outstanding. i feel it’s alienated itself from other all product in my room. ><

  • bb คุณค่าที่คุณคู่ควร [tongue]

  • @wiennat
    นั่นมัน l’oréal!

  • จะเอาไอโฟน [drool]

  • your choice is iphone 3gs 32gb only

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