Catch The Rainbow (MISIA) | Roll Out (Labelle) | Dégénération (Mylène Farmer)

Catch The Rainbow (MISIA) | Roll Out (Labelle) | Dégénération (Mylène Farmer)

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i had slept like three hours last night, so this is going to a short review of interesting tracks at this moment.
hope you’ll enjoy listening.


catch the rainbow | misia (2008) ★★★★★
yep, latest song from my most favorite japanese artist, misia! it’s her first digital single, and it’s called “catch the rainbow” the song gives the feel of very electro with disco tempo in misia’s style. love it!

roll out | labelle (2008) ★★★★☆
this is the lead single from labelle’s new album! it’s been like 30 years ago since their last full length album. labelle are patti labelle, nona hendryx, sarah dash. in this single, patti’s voice stands out with a a bit of electronic distortion (as we all heard in cher’s believe) i’d say this is a nice song for ladies.

dégénération | mylène farmer (2008) ★★★★☆
a song with hypnotic tune from french artist, mylène farmer. she’s well-known for her music style, poetic lyrics, and explicitly artistic promotional videos. this song is the first single from her latest album “point de suture” which was just released on august 25, 2008. the song features electro-techno style music. it sounds like unstructured loop without an end, yet very catchy and will linger in your head after first listen.

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  • for me, there is no need to talk abour misia cause i like her songs anyway, however, i already d/l this song ei ei….

    i like the second one from labelle but i don’t like the 3rd one….


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