Relisten (Ryohei) | FPMB (Fantastic Plastic Machine) | 平成風俗 (椎名林檎)

Relisten (Ryohei) | FPMB (Fantastic Plastic Machine) | 平成風俗 (椎名林檎)

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relisten | ryohei (2007) ★★★★☆
the sophomore studio album from ryohei yamamoto. his voice is great as usual (may be not great for some people) he’s also known by different names; ryohei, yamamoto ryohei, and 山本領平. personally i feel that this album is better than his debut album. the first track, one love which features the voice of verbal (m-flo) is quite nice. the second track is my most favorite track, ‘relisten’. happy tune & very catchy! the rest of the songs album hanging together very well. it’s the album you can listen all day long. this album features three special acoustic tracks including ‘after the love has gone’ (original by earth, wind and fire).

fpmb | fantastic plastic machine (2007) ★★★★★
fantastic plastic machine! the best selection! fantastic plastic machine is stage name of 田中知之 (tanaka tomoyuki), a brilliant japanese artist + dj. the album features most of the great tracks from fpm including ‘why not?’ (ft. ryohei), ‘city lights’ (ft. seth timbs), never ever (ft. maki takamiya), one minute of love, ‘days by days’ (ft. coralie clément!!!), ‘love is psychedelic’, ‘fanfare’ (ft. tahiti 80!!!) and of course the famous track that has been used in louis vuitton’s superflat monogram, titled ‘different colors’. if you never heard of fantastic plastic machine, here’s your chance…

平成風俗 | 椎名林檎 (2007) ★★★★½
shena ringo (or shiina ringo) is back with her fourth studio album 平成風俗 (heisei fuuzoku). her style is pretty much the same adding up a bit of jazzy sound. several tracks are accompanied by orchestra which makes them sound really grand in some ways. the first track 「ギャンブル」 (gamble) is pretty good. my most favorite tracks in this album are 「パパイヤマンゴー」 (papaya mango) and 「ポルターガイスト」 (poltergeist). well, it’s kinda funny because those two tracks are unlikely to be shiina’s songs.

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p.s. ベルセルク (berserk) vol.29 is out… whoo!

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