who doesn’t want one? [drool]

モエコン(moecon) starts at 69,800yen (~24,100baht) with celeron(d) 330, GSA-4167B motherboard, 512MB ram, 80GB hdd. while Pentium(4) 2.4A and Pentium(4) 3E will cost 77,800yen (~26,835baht) and 84,800yen (~29,300 baht) respectively. available in 2 styles (taken from supposedly-famous japanese hentai [変態] titles? :o ) 夏色☆こみゅにけ~しょん (natsuiro communication) & まじかるカナン-RASEA- (magical canan -RASEA-) licensed from terios. for more infomation, visit fastcorp.