The Boy Who Knew Too Much (Mika)

The Boy Who Knew Too Much (Mika)

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the boy who knew too much | mika (2009) ★★★★★
the second album from mika is brilliant. he has finally found the style of his own. unlike the debut album in which he kinda explored to several areas like an experiment, now he is back with his strong accent and more complexity in music layers. the cd album contains thirteen tracks as follows; 1. we are golden 2. blame it on the girls 3. rain 4. dr. john 5. i see you 6. blue eyes 7. good gone girl 8. touches you 9. by the time 10. one foot boy 11. toy boy 12. pick up off the floor 13. lover boy

this is the deluxe edition of “the boy who knew too much”. it comes another bonus cd, the recording of live performance at sadler’s wells. mika is well-known for his spectacular & powerful live performance. the bonus cd contains seventeen tracks as follows; 1. grace kelly 2. lady jane 3. stuck in the middle 4. lonely alcoholic 5. blue eyes 6. toy boy 7. billy brown 8. good gone girl 9. over my shoulder 10. big girl (you’re beautiful) 11. love today 12. blame it on the girls 13. happy ending 14. lollipop 15. my interpretation 16. rain 17. relax, take it easy.


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