Hold My Hand (Michael Jackson)

Hold My Hand (Michael Jackson)

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Hold My hand | Michael Jackson (2010) ★★★☆☆
“Hold My Hand” is the first official single from Michael Jackson’s forthcoming posthumous album, Michael. The song is a duet between Jackson and Akon, originally recorded for Akon’s 2008 album Freedom and Jackson’s upcoming album which was never finished. And the song also did not make it into Akon’s album.

“Hold My Hand” was written Claude Kelly. His previous works include; Forgive (Leona Lewis), Circus (Britney Spears), My Life Would Suck Without You (Kelly Clarkson), For Your Entertainment (Adam Lambert), Grenade (Bruno Mars), Express (Christina Aguilera for her upcoming film Burlesque)

Michael is schedule to released in December 2010.
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  • Well the big ? is did Akon help or hurt the Michael Jackson HOLD MY HAND song with his “finishing touches”. Listen below to the 2008 version back to back with the 2010 version. It makes for an “interesting” comparison to say the least

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