My One And Only Thrill (Melody Gardot)

My One And Only Thrill (Melody Gardot)

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if the world was mine, i’d tell you what i’d do
i’d wrap the world in ribbons and then give it all to you
i’d teach the birds such lovely words and make them sing for you
I’d put those stars right in a jar and give them all to you


my one and only thrill | melody gardot (2009) ★★★★★
splendid new jazzy album from melody gardot. melody gardot is an american jazz musician, she was disabled at the age of 19 after being struck by a car while riding her bicycle and became a musician after discovering music therapy.

“my one and only thrill” is her second studio album filled with smooth jazz piano line with the touch of brazilian mood. the album contains 12 tracks as follows; 1. baby i’m a fool. 2. if the stars were mine 3. who will comfort me. 4. your heart is as black as night 5. lover undercover 6. our love is easy 7. les étoiles 8. the rain 9. my one and only thrill 10. deep within the corners of my mind 11. over the rainbow 12. if the stars were mine (orchestral version) all songs were composed by melody gardot, except the song over the rainbow (harold arlen / e.y. harburg)

her original songs are exceptional both music and lyrics, especially the track “baby i’m a fool”, “if the star were mine”, “your heart is as black as night”, “lover undercover”, and “our love is easy”. overall, “my one and only thrill” is highly recommended for all jazz lovers.

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    try my favorite cd shop :)

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  • just first tune of her voice in the first song made me thrilled as well… thx for sharing [ooo]

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