o pato vinha cantando alegremente, quém, quém
quando um marreco sorridente pediu
pra entrar também no samba, no samba, no samba
o ganso gostou da dupla e fez também quém, quém
olhou pro cisne e disse assim “vem, vem”
que o quarteto ficará bem, muito bom, muito bem
na beira da lagoa foram ensaiar
para começar o tico-tico no fubá
a voz do pato era mesmo um desacato
jogo de cena com o ganso era mato
mas eu gostei do final quando caíram n’água
e ensaiando o vocal
quém, quém, quém, quém
quém, quém, quém, quém
o pato
o pato

this video clip was captured some time around christmas at hobs (house of beers, across j avenue thonglor15) performed by mellow motif. the song is called “o pato” (the duck)

mellow motif is a band based in thailand & singapore; playing swing, bossa nova, samba, including standard jazz and latin with vocal. mellow motif’s upcoming shows can be found on google calendar.

according to lead vocal, natasha ‘oong’ patamapongs facebook status, she already finished recording everything 7 hours ago for the album which is scheduled to release in february 2009. a few of sound/video clips are featured on myspace and facebook. you can also follow them twitter!

meanwhile, please enjoy listening to the new track by mellow motif.
bossa nova cover of the famous song ‘lemon tree’ from german pop band fool’s garden.

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(lemon tree – mellow motif)
i wonder how, i wonder why. yesterday you told me ’bout the blue blue sky but all that i can see is just another lemon tree. i’m turning my head up and down. i’m turning turning turning turning turning around and all that I can see is just another lemon tree.

i’ll write again when i get the album in february! :)
p.s. sorry for the noise in the video, some people just couldn’t stop talking. (bow & ange*) lol.