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yep, yep, i just got mimi第2章 (デラックス・エディション)
japanese deluxe edition of e=mc², thanks to p’lim :)

the album contains fourteen tracks like the rest of the world as follows; 1. マイグレイト feat. t-pain (migrate ft. t-pain) 2. タッチ・マイ・ボディ (touch my body) 3. クルーズ・コントロール (cruise control featuring damian marley) 4. アイ・ステイ・イン・ラヴ (i stay in love) 5. サイド・エフェクツ feat. ヤング・ジージー (side effects featuring young jeezy) 6. アイム・ザット・チック (i’m that chick) 7. ラヴ・ストーリー (love story) 8. ラヴィン・ユー・ロング・タイム (i’ll be lovin’ u long time) 9. ラスト・キス (last kiss) 10. サンクス・フォー・ナッシン (thanx 4 nothin’) 11. o.o.c. 12. フォー・ザ・レコード (for the record) 13. バイ・バイ (bye bye) 14. アイ・ウィッシュ・ユー・ウェル (i wish you well) and as usual japanese edition features bonus tracks, there’re two special tracks which are ヒート (heat) and フォーリアルフォーリアル (4real4real)

the package is digipak (i never like this kind of package…) with the cd inserted (in plastic wrap) along with special stickers (what am i supposed to do with ’em?) and a booket contains japanese translated lyrics. the english lyrics is printed on poster-sized paper with mariah’s photo on the other side.

last but not least. here’s the song 4real4real. enjoy listening.


p.s.1 the cd is enhanced, it contains music video of “touch my body” which will popup when user inserts cd into computer. “esc” button cannot terminate its operation. only eject button on the menu can make it stop.
p.s.2 i prefer non-digipak with bonus dvd like this…

  • E=MC2 Japanese special edition is digipak like the U.S. limited edition which includes iPod Skin and mini-poster (with lyrics on the other side.) Strangely, the U.S. normal edition uses ordinary CD case which looks much more better…

    I am now waiting for this CD from my friend who goes to Japan and will be back in the States this week. Then, I will have 3 different types of this Mariah’s album. The Thai version is not counted here, though…

  • bugtoon [^^] 2008.04.21 at 16:04

    อุว๊าววว…..สวยดีครับผม [*◊*]

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