Män som hatar kvinnor

Män som hatar kvinnor

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Män som hatar kvinnor | Niels Arden Oplev (2009) ★★★★☆
Män som hatar kvinnor (literally means Men who hate women) also best known as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a film adapted from the famous crime novel of the same name by the late Swedish author/journalist Stieg Larsson. It is the first book in his Millennium Trilogy.

The story focuses on Mikael Blomkvist, a jounalist who writes articles for the magazine called “Millennium”. He loses a case against corrupt Swedish industrialist Wennerström and is sentenced to three months in jail. However, he has six months before the court order to effect. Meanwhile he does not aware that he is under surveillance by Lisbeth, a hacker who works for a client of her firm.

Later, Mikael received a mysterious call requesting for a meeting with an industrialist Henrik Vanger. Once he meets with Mr. Vanger, he is asked to investigate and find Henrik’s beloved niece who has been disappeared mysteriously since forty years ago and believed to be dead. With large amount of money and since Mikael’s reputation is ruined by the case that he lost, he accepts the job to find the truth.

The suspect is everybody and nobody in the Vangers. They do not like each other much, and the reason they have been together is purely beneficial purposes. But what Mikael finds is far worse than he imagines.

The script is brilliant, the performance is superb. The film is well-executed and highly captivating. This is the first installment of the trilogy which will be followed by “Flickan som lekte med elden” and “Luftslottet som sprängdes”. Män som hatar kvinnor is now showing at House RCA.