I ♥ Macarons. Macaron is not macaroon, macaron is French and lovely, macaroon is English and ew.
Macaron ( makaʀɔ̃ pronounced mak-a-hong ) is a French sweet confectionery. Superior macrons require specialist tools, expertise, and huge amount of time to make.

These mararons were from Treecreeper, international cuisine (mostly European, Italian stuff) in Saladaeng soi 1 on Silom road. I have been there several times and quite impressed with their freshly made macarons.

They have regularly 10 flavors including Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Chocolate-Mint, Blueberry-Lavender, Strawberry Jelly, Choco-Banana, Thai Tea, and Rose. They are selling at 18 THB a piece. Or you can select 6 pieces for 100 THB. They also have macaron’s promotion, 10 pieces with a tea set. Deliciously sweet!