Swing Swing (Lula)

Swing Swing (Lula)

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swing swing | กันยารัตน์ ติยะพรไชย (2009) ★★★☆☆
second album from a singer with stage name “lula” , the album contains selective 10 tracks which lula renders them in swing style; 1. bizzare love triangle 2. เรื่องมหัศจรรย์ 3. quando quando quando 4. i can’t tell you why 5. kiss me 6. last christmas 7. ค่ำนี้ (ft. วิทยา ทรัพย์เจริญ 8. right here waiting 9. when i come around 10. อกหัก

overall it’s quite okay, however the album seems to lose wow factor unlike her debut album released last year. some of the selection ain’t quite my cup of tea, “bizarre love triangle” used to be one of my favorite songs, the music does sound a bit chaotic comparing to the topnotch version by frente!. (the original version is new order’s, composed by bernard sumner, reter hook, stephen morris & gillian gilbert) it could have sounded differently, in a better way but it’s not. track 2 “เรื่องมหัศจรรย์” is kinda cute.

“quando, quando, quando” now this is one of my favorite tracks in this album, this song was written by written by alberto testa and tony renis. it was a popular italian song back in the 60s and later it was translated into english. quando means when in english. the popular english translation still retains the word quando in its lyrics.

lula’s rendition of last christmas is another favorite of mine. her voice and style is perfect for this song, originally made popular by british pop duo wham! in 1984. the song was composed by george michael.

i personally don’t like “i can’t tell you why” (eagles / 1979 / written by timothy b. schmit, glenn frey, don henley) “kiss me” (sixpence none the richer / 1997) is boring. i hate the background vocal yeah, yeah yeah oh oh in “right here waiting” (richard marx / 1989) [sick] that’d be all.