love to live by

love to live by

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whoo! finally they’ve made the video for the song ‘love to live by’ my most favorite track on m-flo’s latest album “cosmicolor” featuring the voice of singer/songwriter/musician/actress, chara! fantastic video! i love it!
however the video version is shorter than the album version, one verse is taken off. now… if you’re ready, just hit the button and enjoy watching “m-flo ♥ chara : love to live by” or get the video here, as usual.

love to live by ~lyrics off ▼

p.s. there’s no pre-order or date of release whatsoever, i hope they’d release this single with dvd included!
this song probably is the last song in m-flo “love” series. it looks like they’re moving on to something new.


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