The Fear (Lily Allen)

The Fear (Lily Allen)

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ladies and gentlemen, lily allen has returned.
and she’s fucking fantastic!

the fear | lily allen (2008) ★★★★★
“the fear” is the lead single from british singer-songwriter, lily allen from her second album “it’s not me, it’s you”. the song is written by lily allen and produced by mark ronson. the video is directed by nez.


edited: audio sampler version added for slow connection.
p.s. lily allen second album is schedule to release in uk on february 9, 2009!

  • she’s f..king fantastic?
    it’s damn true!

  • เมื่อกี้เว็บเธอด่าเราไปทีนึง

  • looking forward for that.
    She ‘s f_cking fantastic.

  • อ๊าาา มาแล้วเหรอ ชอบมากเลยคนนี้ เสียตังค์ชัวร์

  • เป็นเพลงที่บรรจุไปด้วย F bomb เต็มไปหมด

  • EscRiBiTioNiSt® 2008.12.19 at 17:23

    wow.. wow.. like it! [ooo]

  • she looks differently, perhaps because of her make-up. the song sounds ok for me.

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