fuck you

fuck you

150 150 *pradt

awesomeness is the definition of lily allen.
she has just released the video for the song fuck you.
the song is taken from her studio album; it’s not me, it’s you.
p.s. you can grab the video here, compatible with ipod/iphone.

  • awesome !!!

  • cool!! [shock]

  • ดึงหัวคนเล่นเหมือนดินน้ำมันเลย
    lily!!!!!!!!!!!!! ซน

  • มีใครใช้เพลงนี้เป็นริงโทนบ้าง [twisted]

  • ^
    น้องสาววีคนนึงละ :?

  • awesome!

    i wanna fuck off my enemies! hahahaha

    i’ll change it to my ringtone

    (b4 that i use “would u ever be, you ever be my fucking boyfriend?”) [razz]

  • @toey
    that’s not my favorite song, but the bird and the bee is my favorite band.

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