The Fame (Lady GaGa)

The Fame (Lady GaGa)

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the fame | lady gaga (2008) ★★★★½
lady gaga is oh so chic.
‘the fame’ is such an inspiring powerful electropop album.
i’d recommend listening with headphones, the bass & the beat is awesome.
p.s. check out her video “beautiful dirty rich“, “just dance“, and more…

  • แอบไปแดนซ์เพลงชุดนี้มาบ้างแล้ว [ismile]

  • ชอบ just dance ค้าบ
    ฟังแล้วอยากโยกคลึง [shy]

  • EscRiBiTioNiSt® 2008.10.15 at 20:15

    ขอไปหาซื้อ headphone ก่อนนะ
    granny ไม่มี

    granny แก่แล้วฮิ

    ๕๕๕ [desperate]

  • thx, but i think they’re ok except the first one, perhaps they’re not my style.

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