All The Lovers (Kylie Minogue)

All The Lovers (Kylie Minogue)

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breathe, i know it’s hard but baby, breathe.


all the lovers (s) | kylie minogue (2010) ★★★★☆
the lead single from eleventh studio album of kylie minogue, aphrodite. mid-tempo electropop with a touch of synthesizer. this song is highly addictive and can be an instant kylie’s classic!

  • liked it, catchy sound … [razz]

  • Kenda Camacho 2010.09.16 at 14:58

    Kylie is very sweet and i like her smile. i wish kylie the best. She’s bloody gorgeous

  • Jacinda Gumbert 2010.10.04 at 2:36

    Kylie Minogue bought a mansion in UK. This must be in getting ready of having her own family with Spanish boyfriend Andres Valencoso. They will be a great couple

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