korean krispy kreme

korean krispy kreme

150 150 *pradt

ah yes. the famous krispy kreme.
i never know that it acutally is doughnut!
well, may be because i’m not fond of doughnuts, i’m not homer.
thanks to @underexpose, @inmydream, and @sweetener for bringing back from korean.
it is… yummier than ordinary doughnuts… i suppose.

akkk! i confess, i can’t really tell. it does taste like doughnut.
may be i did it in the wrong way?
the help says 8 seconds reheat in microwave.
and that’s what i did, exactly 8 seconds.
first bite… cold, and taste like doughnut.
please forgive me.

  • take @sweetener to HK and eat it fresh from the oven ;D

  • dude. 8 seconds is for donuts under a room temperature. given the circumstance, i could only guess that your treat has been frozen by at least two people! lol.

    EDIT1: oh my mistake. the website actually says 8 seconds fresh from the freezer… hmmm. mayb our microwave is not as powerful and theirs?

  • Nop, I forgot to tell that, in this case you need to reheat it at 20-25 seconds, depends on your microwave…

    Next time, try the hot one from the store then [itongue]

  • strongly recommend to eat fresh from the oven at their shop ka. totally different experience! [ismile]

  • I ate it fresh but I still don’t understand why it got that famous [isad] It’s probably too sweet for me.

  • @inmydream
    they have one in hk? never know that.

    yes, they use nuclear powered microwave

    @s65 @curious pig
    only if they had shop in bangkok

    yes! it’s too sweet!

  • ที่นี่ต่อคิวยาวเหยียดจนน่ากลัว
    เวลาซื้อไปฝากใครเขาจะดีใจเพราะว่าเป็นโดนัทเจ้าที่ต้องต่อคิวซื้อ มากกว่าเป็นโดนัทเจ้าอร่อย [itongue]

  • @yune
    หรือมันมันอร่อยสำหรับคนส่วนใหญ่ [cry]

  • เคยไปซื้อที่ห้างในกรุงโซล ระหว่างที่เข้าคิว จะมีคนเอาโดนัทร้อนๆเพิ่งออกจากเตามาให้ทานฟรีด้วยล่ะ เป็นการเข้าคิวที่สุนทรีย์มากๆ

  • krispy kreme is the best (if you ignore all the sugar).
    It melts in your mouth.

  • เคยชิมแล้ว

  • Though I prefer eating very sweet, Krispy Kreme is too sweet for me.

    I think it’s famous in U.S., because the sweet test has attracted American since they were young.

  • อา เห็นรูปร่างแล้วนึกถึงเบเกิลนะ [tongue]

  • หวานค่ะ แต่หวานอร่อย

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