kirakuni / together (Crystal Kay)

kirakuni / together (Crystal Kay)

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Kirakuni / together | Crystal Kay (2006) ★★★★☆
crystal kay is back with her new single, kirakuni. though its title sounds japanese, it is in fact an english song. melody, rhythm and words in this song is very catchy, especially the “adlib” part. right now i am so addicted to this song. track 2 in the single is a japanese song called “together”, that track is quite good too.

crystal kay’s 7th studio album “call me miss…” is scheduled to release by the end of this month. i can’t hardly wait to hear it out.

ps. if you are on highspeed connection, you may view the video online here.

crystal kay is an african-american/korean (both of her parents are musicians) she was born and raised in japan but she attended an american school. she is fluent in both english and japanese.

she collaborated with m-flo in 2003 and that album went up #2 on the rank. her song “motherland” was used as the ending theme for the anime “fullmetal alchemist” (episodes 26-41) back in 2004. in 2005 she became quite popular when her song 恋におちたら (koi ni ochitara) was featured in the drama 恋におちたら~僕の成功の秘密 (koi ni ochitara ~boku no seikou no himitsu)