just released the torrents of きんぎょ注意報! (dvd version) now there’re 6 episodes available (out of 54 episodes + 1 movie) oh, by the way it goes under the name “goldfish warning!” :D yeah!

きんぎょ注意報!(kingyo chuihou! / kingyo chuuihou!) is a japanese animation series. in this series there’s a goldfish (a pink flying fish to be accurate) his name is ぎょぴ (gyopi) he is the old pink goldfish in the world (and he can fly too) there’re many crazy charaters in this series.

also, there was an snes game released incorporated with this anime title. i believe you can find its rom easily on the internet. this game contains dozen of funny mini-games which you need to score in order to be number 1 in the class. at the end of each semester, whoever gets the lowest points will get gyopi. gyopi is special item, you can get him only when you have the lowest score in the last semester. the person who has him will receive double score bonus if he/she gets the highest score in each mini-game throughout the new semester.

although several mini-games (such as quizshow) are quite difficult because they’re all in japanese. (but if you’re good enough at games, there’s no need to understand japanese to win) and it’s so much fun if you have joypads and another person to play with (of course you can play it alone, but you may find that computer player is a bit hard to beat)