j′en ai marre!

j′en ai marre!

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when i first listened to viva la vida by coldplay i thought the rhythm and music did sound familiar but i couldn’t figure it out. thanks to comment by p’lim which helps me to recall the song j’en ai marre by alizée! it used to be my favorite song for a while.

j’en ai marre is the song from alizée’s second album “mes courants électriques” which was released back in 2003. alizée is quite popular in france, her debut album “gourmandises” featuring the hit “moi… lolita” and “l’alizé” has sold over four million copies worldwide.

here’s the pretty video of “j’en ai marre.” it does sound a bit like coldplay’s viva la vida with the sound of string and rhythm. this song was released internationally as “i’m fed up” (i wish it was never translated…) alizée is so pretty in this video, i too want to be in that glass box!

j′en ai marre! (alizée) ▼

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  • I can’t say that this song is partly similar to viva la vida…

    Anyway, the video is nice.


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