new itunes, itunes version 8 was released yesterday along with the new generation of ipod. once you open the itunes you will find a new design of album cover display, that’s grid view!

grid view has always been my wish for itunes to feature. although it’s slightly different from what i had imagined. you can drag to shrink or enlarge album covers with ease. unfortunately the album’s titles will be enlarged as well, which kinda makes it look weird when viewing large covers in grid view.

i hope next version will feature a way to disable album titles and stuff, because i can remember all the album by its cover. there’s no need to put titles or artists, and i believe it would be nicer to have just album covers in grid view with very narrow space in between them (1px perhaps?)

itunes 8 also features movies in grid view…

and now in cover flow view… wicked!
will this be a new feature in next firmware of iphone / ipod touch?

the actual new features in itunes 8 are “genuis playlist” and “genius sidebar”
it’s a new way to create playlist automatically. all you have to do is let the genuis gather all you music library and submit to apple. then you play any song and click genuis button, it will pop a new playlist based on that particular song. here’s genius playlist based on “ca valait la peine” by coralie clément

and another one, based on “stay in my heart” by misia.

“genius playlist” will create playlists based on the song you choose with the songs in your own library which means you need quite a large library for it to work nicely otherwise you might end up with a few songs in your genius playlist. while “genius sidebar” will recommend the songs on itunes store which you don’t already have on your itunes library (you must be in the particular country to purchase, or use itunes music card)

itunes is my favorite music player on mac because it keeps everything gracefully organized. plus i always use auto-sync with ipod / iphone … yep, auto-sync makes life much more breezy. [nolisten]