isis chair

isis chair

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this chair is designed by jake phipps, and it’s called ‘isis.’ it’s made from a series of flat geomatric panels that are linked together and contained within its own frame. each panel is constructed from several high-strength laminations. isis can be folded completely flat to a depth of 3cm. it will be manufactured by gebruder thonet vienna and available white, black, orange, and blue. they even make the docking station for these chairs.

the chair looks amazing. i can’t find its price, but i guess it’s not gonna be cheap judging from its look & feel. and it does not look comfy to sit at all. the designer defines this chair with the phrase “unexpected level of comfort.” well, probably there is the truth in there.

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  • EscRiBiTioNiSt* 2007.07.02 at 8:06

    Hmm.. not sure if this chair suits me somehow.. maybe if I don’t break it, I will fall of the chair. I usually sit with my legs crossed on the chair.. hahaa.. then this chair is too small :p

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