there were games… that keep people coming back for more.

intelligent qube (I.Q.): brilliant game, released on ps1. unfortunately, not many people have played this game. the goal is to destroy the blocks with less bomb as possible. when you beat the game, it’ll tell you your I.Q. (game-over would produce a very low I.Q. score.)
solomon’s key: control a wizard to get the key. he has the ability to create and destroy a block of stone.
simcity 3000: perfect game for building your own city. plus there’re no stupid beings like in “the sims”.
metroid: control a droid who can roll himself into a ball-shaped, what’s not to love?
legend of zelda 2: although, part1 was good. part2 was the best and quite difficult.

final fantasy vi: i’ve played this game more than 7 times including japanese and english versions. after that no rpg game could ever surpass this one.
civilization 2: it felt good to wipe out other nations on the planet.
flying ヒーロー (flying hero): akanoid-liked with much more attractive character.
bomberman: the best game to play with friends. you’d know how good it feels to kill them all.
bubble bobble: i was so addicted to this game at that time. 99 levels with last big crazy boss!

super mario bros. 3 who doesn’t love mario?
大魔界村 (daimakaimura): the most difficult action game i’ve ever played.
孔雀王 (kujaku-o): based on famous manga. this game was so cool.
スプラッタルウス わん ぱくグラフィチィ (splatterhouse wanpaku graffiti): i don’t know how many people had ever played this one. jason in SD holding his little axe, running out and start to chop! chop! chop! so much fun.
legend of kyrandia: one of the best adventure game. the dark dungeon with fireberries was incredibly difficult.

the incredible machine (t.i.m.): the one and only brain twister! everyone should play this game.
burnout 3: speed up, crash, smash and explode. unlike the rest of the racing games.
shadow of the colossus: truly majestic!
silent hill: scarier and definitely better than biohazard.
きんぎょ注意報!飛び出せ!ゲーム学園 (kingyo chuuihou! tobidase! gemugakuen): the funniest game ever!

ダウンタウンスペシャル くにおくんの時代劇だよ全員集合! (downtown special: kunio-kun no jidaigeki dayo zen’inshuugou): run, punck, kick!
dig dug: aim, shoot and pump! pump! pump! as fast as you can. enimies can move with light speed in high levels.
load runner: bury enimies and get all the gold. there were times that i fell into a hole i just digged.
alone in the dark: there’s always something in the dark.
clock tower: i loved it when they used jennifer connelly as main character.