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iron man

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iron man is a latest film about super-hero based on marvel comics character. the story is about a billionaire industrialist, tony stark who has made a fortune by inventing and selling military weapons.

stark is ambushed and abducted by terrorists short after his demonstration of a newly invented missile called ‘jericho.’ he wakes up in a cave where he is held imprisoned and realizes that he now has a device attached on his chest which is built by another captive, dr. yinsen in order to save his life.

the terrorist demands him to build jerocho for them by using his own products, the products from stark industries. instead, stark and yinsen together they build a miniature arc reactor and a prototype iron armor suit which soon helps him to escape and change the course of his life forever.

the film is adapted from marvel comics superhero, iron man, directed by jon favreau; starring robert downey, jr. as tony stark, terrence howard as jim rhodes, jeff bridges as obadiah stane, and the lovely gwyneth paltrow as pepper potts.

well, i am very impressed by the film, it has successfully brought up the comic character to life so brilliant. so far, ‘iron man’ becomes my most favorite film from marvel. cg effect used in this film looks so real, and incredibly stunning. and if you think the user interface in minority report is so advance, you may think again when you see interactive three dimensional holograms in stark’s lab.

in short, iron man sparks from beginning to the end. just forget all about super-heroes with twisted miserable souls and get ready to enjoy the ride extravaganza. go watch it in theatre now! strongly recommended.

p.s. in the film, you will see three of iron man’s armors which are the original mk i (mark one), mk ii (mark two, in the film version it’s in silver not gold), and mk iii (mark three), and also the villain monger. (you may see the list of iron man’s armors on wiki.)

★★★★★ acting
★★★★★ actors/casting
★★★★★ story
★★★★★ music/sound effect
★★★★★ direction/composition
★★★★★ overall

movie: iron man | director: jon favrea | release: 2008

  • ช่ายๆ สนุกมากๆ เลย [twisted] แล้วน้องกวินเนตล่ะเป็นไง ถูกใจท่าน? [shy]

  • อื้อฮือ ให้เต็มเลยเหรอฮะ ??
    เพิ่งไปดูมาเหมือนกัน มันก็ สนุกดี แต่คะแนนเต็มเลยเหรอ !!!?

  • @udom dog
    i gave an extra star just for gwyneth paltrow. smart, beautiful, lovely… nothing like mary jane which i won’t waste my time talking about.

    @x saint
    i already gave 4 stars to spider-man and batman. i like iron man much much more… so iron man is definitely a 5-star film for me. :D

    p.s. ooh, just notice that rottentomatoes rates this film 91% at this moment. now i need iron man’s armor suit!

  • at first, i though i wait to see this movie on dvd but after reading your review, perhaps i have to watch it as soon as possible in theater! [!]

  • เห็นใครต่อใครก็บอกว่่า เรื่องนี้ส่วนของโปรดักชั่นดีไซน์น่าสนใจมาก เลยอยากดูเหมือนกัน

    แต่เราคงรอ DVD : ) ไม่มีเวลาไปโรงหนังเลย

  • ดูแล้ว มีข้อสงสัยนิดหน่อย
    อะไรคือ “อเวนเจอร์” ?

  • @k

    avengers are earth’s mightiest heroes, formed to fight the foes no single hero could withstand. the avengers are the most prestigious and powerful super-hero team in the world.

    the group began with the random teaming of thor, iron man, ant-man, wasp and hulk. iron man provided the group with financing and high-tech equipment in his dual identity as rich industrialist tony stark, donating his manhattan residence to serve as their headquarters, avengers mansion.

  • EscRiBiTioNiSt® 2008.05.07 at 14:04

    ตอนเห็นชื่อเรื่องว่าจะไม่ดู แต่มาอยากดูเอาตอนเห็น ดาว ๕ ดวงเต็มไปหมดนี่ล่ะ [ouch]

  • อย่างงี้ต้องดู Hulk ภาคใหม่ ต่อนะ

  • เพิ่งได้ดูไม่นานนี้เอง หนังสนุกดี ดูได้เพลินตลอดเรื่อง ตอนจบห้วน ๆ ไปนิด คิดว่าให้ ๕ ดาวเต็มนี่เพราะความชอบส่วนตัวด้วยใช่ไหมครับ แฮ่ ๆ [twisted]

  • @au8ust
    ความชอบ gwyneth paltrow ส่วนตัว ใช่ครับ :)

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