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wordpress now offers an iphone app to create and modify your entry on wordpress.com. all you need to do is browsing for wordpress app on itunes app store or connecting app store directly from your iphone 2.0 and use search function to look for wordpress.

once wordpress application is installed on your iphone, you will be prompt to add new blog which requires, your wordpress url, username and password. this also works with self-hosted wordpress, please make sure that your wordpress version is 2.5.1 or higher.

you can also attach photo from iphone’s library or shooting a new one. furthermore you can preview the entry with embed safari within the application itself. although the relative location image does not seem to display properly.

when you complete writing the entry, you can easily hit publish… and voilà! the new entry will be online instantly. this is quite a good application indeed. for more information about wordpress for iphone, please visit iphone.wordpress.net

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  • ว่าจะลองเหมือนกัน แต่เห็น requirement เค้าเขียนว่าต้อง upgrade firmware iphone เป็น 2.0 ก่อน เลยยังไม่กล้าลอง

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