Insidious | James Wan (2011) ★★★½☆
The story depicts on a family which just moved into a new house, they have three children (I have no idea why they must have many children.) One of the boys, Dalton goes into coma one night after he accidentally fell down from a old ladder with minor injury. The doctor is unable to identify the cause why he does not wake up.

The mother feels something strange about the house they just moved in and she begins to see and hear unexplainable stuff after Dalton went into coma, she finally convinces her husband to move out of the house. But it is not the house that is haunted, there is something far worse than they can imagine.

The plot is really interesting. They talks about a place called “The Further”, which is not hell, it is a place beyond the world of living where the souls are trapped in and unable to get out. Not to mention the use of light and sound to create something that makes people jump. I have to admit that several scenes did scare the shit out off me, even though I have watched lots of horror films and almost can anticipate all kind of stuff that’s gonna show up. Let’s just say it definitely is one of the good grade-B horror films.