inglourious basterds

inglourious basterds

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the story is set in an alternate history of the second world war during the rise of nazi empire. first part is about shosanna who manages to survive the massacre under the order of adolf hitler to eradicate all jewish in france, second part is the story of the basterds, a troop of jewish american soldiers trying to get revenge at nazi by killing nazi soldiers and collect their scalps.

the nazi plans to premiere their lastest propaganda film “stolz de nation” (nation’s pride). only selective handful of people are invited to this premiere, including top leadership, hermann wilhelm göring, paul joseph goebbels, martin bormann and adolf hitler. the besterds with the help of the british plot a plan to assassinate everyone in that cinema. while on the other side shosanna knows that her time for revenge has finally come.

this is definitely another great film written and directed by quentin tarantino. the script is, i would sum up as playfully genius. the cast is amazing and i truly enjoy the mesmerizing performance by christoph waltz who portrays colonel hans landa “jew hunter”. no wonder that he just won best actor award at cannes this year.

★★★★★ acting
★★★★★ actors/casting
★★★★☆ story
★★★★★ music/sound effect
★★★★☆ direction/composition
★★★★½ overall

movie: inglourious basterds | director: quentin tarantino | release: 2009

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  • must see movie! i love quentin.

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