i’m not a bad person

i’m not a bad person

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so… they just fall on each other and seventy-eight died
…nobody intended to kill them. they died because of their physical…
so… what’s wrong with that?

~samak sundaravej / thai prime minister
(s. sukiflix)

  • For foreigners watching this, Thai people are generally not this abysmally hopeless. This guy is the worst case scenario, the bottom of the pit!

  • too tired to type anything.

    finally, i trulely realize that no one is good enough for all the people on this land.

  • Sounds so full of excuses. Every answer was coming out of thin air. -_-‘

  • A good warning to those hot shot reporters who thinks only their news (based on human rights group or NGO) are ABSOLUTE truth!.

    Bravo Samak! Just love the uneasiness of her face. She never thought this was coming! Anyway, if one is rude, you should be disrespectful.

  • He looks down the LADY and looks down the listen. In his opinion, he has never been wrong. The other who never listen to him is absolutely wrong?!?!?!

    Our Prime Minster????? Unbelievable

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