do you know what kind of computer that peter petrelli used? lol. [lol]
i just recalled one of the apple’s ibook commercial ads, then i tried to search over the internet but i could not find the high quality one. fortunately i found the hq one in my hard drive after a few minutes of digging! i must have saved it the first time i saw this ad on apple website. it’s quite funny.

yea, here you go, click away and watch the memorable ibook commercial (and of course, the quality is much better than the one that you might find in youtube) the song featured in the ad is “who let the dogs out?” by baha men, that song was quite popular around the time this ad first came out. possibly 2000 or 2001.

in case you are not on hi-speed connection, you might want to hit pause until you get the full extension of gray gauge then hit play to watch the video smoothly.

only seven days to go until the new season of heroes.