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“inspired by the world’s obsession and devotion to the ipod, ibelieve is a replacement lanyard for your shuffle. constructed using the same materials and precision ball bearing closure as the standard shuffle cap, you can relax knowing your divine soundtrack and data is safe.” Get one at devote1 for $12.95. in addition, $2 from every sale will be donated to the red cross disaster relief fund and various children’s charities.

who wants to buy a plastic cap for 10.95 dollars? [sick] if you want to donate to red cross foundation, just go to redcross.org

  • This is yet another “i…” products with unique characteristic. You could have a cross in your hand while listening to the music. I wonder what kind of songs (or gospels) the user of “ibelieve” would store in his little “cross.” ;)

  • อาเมน 2005.10.26 at 12:24

    มันเท่ห์มาก เวลาห้อยไอพอดชัฟเฟิ้ล ไว้
    ยิ่งถ้ามีออปชั่น องค์พระบุตร บนไม้กางเขน มาติดเพิ่ม ยิ่งงดงามน่าชมนะ คิดว่า[suspicious]

    จริงๆ นะ

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