The Greatest Holiday Classics (Kenny G)

The Greatest Holiday Classics (Kenny G)

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The Greatest Holiday Classics | Kenny G (2005) ★★★★☆
enlighten the special season with the magical sound of saxophone from kenny g. he was named the 25th-highest selling artist in america with 47.5 million albums sold.

kenny released three holiday records prior to this one titled “wishes”, “faith” and “miracles”. this new album is a selective compilation of his old works plus some new songs. if you own his previous records, you may skip it. but if you never buy his holiday’s albums, this could be a good start. this album includes an interesting song “my favorite things” taken from the classic film “the sound of music” in the new rendition.

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  • “My Favorite Thing” is one of my favorite songs from “The Sound of Music.” The tune and the lyric is just right. It would sound great on saxophone.

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