edible souvenir from 深圳市 (shenzhen), people’s republic of china. it’s a yogurt in green package, comes with collapsible green plastic spoon placed on top of the cup under the green plastic lid. literally everything is green.

luckily, the yogurt inside is not green. and not to forget to check the expiration date which is printed in chinese with this alphanumeric 20081202B12 …hmm is it manufacturing date?

i ate it anyway. its taste is similar to dutch mill’s dutchie yogurt mixed fruits, not exactly the same, but pretty close to that. the main difference is the size of the cup which is huge, 230ml. and i just wonder if there’s artificial protein in it? no need to worry if there was, i already ingested it.

it is a bit difficult to compose this entry because i cannot type chinese characters and there is no website information or whatsoever on the yogurt cup. everything is printed in chinese except the word “B+100tm” (i have no idea what the hell is it supposed to mean) and “QS4401 0501 1639″ which looks like some kind of license number or something like that. so i did googling and found the name of the brand 光明 (guāngmíng).

within five minutes i got all the names i need. yes google rules! 畅优 (chàngyōu) is the name of this product and 酸牛奶 (suānniúnǎi) means yogurt in chinese. you can view product’s page here.

thanks @inmydream & @underexpose for bringing it back all the way from china.
p.s. the photo was taken with lumix lx3 under fluorescent light :)