fuse of love

fuse of love

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倉木麻衣 (kuraki mai) is back with her new album, “fuse of love” it’s been 2 years after her last album “if i believe” was released in japan. critics once said that she is utada’s rival, because her debut album “delicious way” delivered higher sale figure when comparing to “first love” in japan way back in the year 1999 – 2000 [lol]

in this new album, mai is singing in her same old style. i don’t see much of delevopment in her music pattern. let’s look on the bright side, she has developed her own style which people could tell it’s her music / voice when they hear her songs. however i am a bit disappointed because this album does sound like her previous albums in many ways [sick]

“fuse of love” is a nice album to listen to though. “Honey, feeling for me” happens to be my most favorite track.

01. Honey, feeling for me
03. You look at me~one
04. 駆け抜ける稲妻
05. Don’t leave me alone
06. Love, needing
07. ダンシング
08. Tell me what
10. 明日へ架ける橋
11. I sing a song for you
12. chance for you

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