X・B・F (Foxxi Misq)

X・B・F (Foxxi Misq)

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although they may look like typical girl group out there, but foxxi misq is different. this group does not have lead vocal as they switch position in every single released. each of them can lead the group while the other two become backup vocal. and these girls can actually sing…

x・b・f (ex-boyfriend) is a new promotional single from japanese hip-hop trio, foxxi misq. i didn’t really catch the wording they are singing because they have blinded me with their special dance moves. [shy] and by the way, you can visit their official website or read more them at their official blog (in japanese, of course)

  • i was blinded with their special dance moves too! :P

  • at my first thought, they reminded me destiny’s child, which of course, not the same cause destiny did have the lead singer. [twisted]

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