favorite songs

favorite songs

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here are some of my favorite songs.
i decide not to put lyrics or any translation in here because i believe that people can appreciate good music by feeling rather than reading. so every time that i listen to a new song, i try not to catch any words by focusing on the melody and the voice instead. i know many friends of mine refuse to listen to any tunes that they cannot understand. i have no idea if they could listen to classical or instrumental pieces because that kind of music does not contain any vocabulary, lol. they simply do not know how many great things they have missed. :)


キスして抱きしめて (kisu shite dakishimete) performed by misia
taken from “mother father brother sister” (1998)


mi rubi l’anima peformed by laura pausini & raf
taken from taken “laura pausini” (1993)


l’ombre et la lumière performed by coralie clément
taken from “salles des pas perdus” (2001)


p.s. i love you performed by 박정현 (park jung-hyun)
taken from “piece” (1998)


aşk performed by sertab erener
taken from “sertab erener” (1999)


necesito amarte performed by marc anthony
taken from “otra nota” (1993)


每一天 (meiyi tian) performed by 林子良 (lin zi liang)
taken from “free style r&b” (2003)

voice of human is another piece of musical instrument. lyrics is a just a medium to interpret.
melody without lyrics is still music. lyrics without melody is only a poem, nothing more.

  • EscRiBiTioNiSt® 2007.09.16 at 9:18

    Haha.. good to put only songs.. because I always feel overwhelmed with my not understanding when I see a lot of Japanese.. I do listen to Japanese and Korean songs after I have watched a series though.

    Since my PC is very slow.. just listened to a bit here and there then.

    The first song’s rhythm and music sound really nice. I personally have not heard of Japanese songs with that sound.. Nice nice.. What’s the name of the song in English?

    Wow.. the music of the 2nd song is niceeeeeeeee..

    Bossa Blossom..

    The sounds of all songs seem to be cool and warm at the same time..

    Please do leave the songs here. I will come back to listen to them when I use the faster Internet speed.

    Thank you.


  • EscRiBiTioNiSt®:
    キスして抱きしめて literally means… kiss and hold me tight

  • l’ombre et la lumière by coralie clément

    มีอีกเพลง ที่อยากแนะนำ หากชอบเพลงนี้ คือ samba dans mon coeur qui bat ค่ะ แนวๆเดียวกันเลย

    enjoy lestening na ka

  • เฮ มีคนรู้จัก coralie clément ด้วย :D
    อัลบัม salles des pas perdus เพราะจนหยดสุดท้ายจริงจริง อัลบัม bye bye beauté ก็เยี่ยม

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