favorite services

favorite services

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last.fm. formerly known as audioscrobbler. great social network for all music lovers. every track that has been played on the computer will be sent into the database. users can keep track of what they have been listening or they can just look around for other’s statistic information. a specific plug-in is required to transfer data.

flickr. an absolute place to store images and photos. free-ccount users can upload images as much as want. these images can be shared and hotlinked to anywhere. there is no limit in the storage, instead they put a limit on monthly bandwidth.

43 things. a place to note down what you want to do with your life. you can search and find others who might want to achieve the very same thing as you do.

del.icio.us. i always love this domain name. :) collect all your online bookmarks and access them from any computer with web browses anywhere, anytime. you can also share your bookmarks among friends.

froogle. a smart shopping through google. combining shopping with powerful search engine of google. it let you keep and update your long shopping list, so you won’t be forgetting what to purchase. you also could share your wish-list, if you wish.

bloglines. online service for searching, subscribing, creating and sharing news feeds, blogs and rich web content. there’s no need to visit your favorite sites every now and then to see if they have been updated or not. with rss feed and blogline subscription, you can just visit one place.

technorati. currently tracking 26.3 million blogs and 1.9 billion links and growing. whenever you want to seach informative content in blogs, this is the place to go.

  • hey, thanx so much na. yesterday i try bloglines leaw na. it’s so great [tongue]

  • Used and loved everyone of them. Except I switched from del.icio.us to Yahoo! My Web a while a go. (before the acquisition)

  • cool icons. but i think delicious icon has blue element in it?

  • yea… i want to make all icons in shape of white which seems to be impossible for del.icio.us! they use four colors white, blue, back and grey [sick]

  • งง [stunned][stunned]

  • ใช้ opera อ่าน RSS feed อยู่

  • From the list above, “del.icio.us” is the only one that I haven’t tried yet. [oops]

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