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escala | escala (2009) ★★★★☆
escala are electronic string quartet, from london, england who rose to fame when they performed on and reached the final on the second series of britain’s got talent last year. the cd contains 11 tracks as follows; 1. requiem for a tower 2. palladio 3. kashmir 4. finding beauty 5. children 6. live and let die 7. chi mai 8. feeling good 9. sarabande 10. clubbed to death 11. adagio for strings

there actually is nothing particularly new in this album, and they do sound like bond to me.
however i really admire the selection of songs they put into this album, most of them are my favorites; from the beginning of the album it’s “requiem for a tower” (clint mansell), another version of lux aeterna from requiem for a dream soundtrack.

followed by “palladio” (karl jenkins), and “kashmir” (led zeppelin). the fourth track is “finding beauty” one of my all-time favorite piece taken from album “as if to nothing” by craig armstrong. track five is also my favorite, i hardly recall that anyone ever actually did cover the song “children” (robert miles).

track seven is “chi mai” (ennio morricone), track nine is sarabande (george frideric handel). track ten in “clubbed to death” composed by rob dougan, the song is best known when it was featured in the film, the matrix. the last track in the album is “adadio for strings” by american composer samuel barber which is considerably his most famous piece, most of people might recognize this tune from oliver stone’s film, platoon.


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