kingdom hearts ii will be released at the end of this month in japan :o
dragon quest viii u.s. edition is shipped with playable final fantasy xii demo disc :o

i just start to play dragon quest viii : journey of the cursed king. now i’m on level 4

  • for the first time i can see my characters in the battle field.
  • for the first time i can hear monster’s scream.
  • for the first time monsters can bounce, move and jump in three dimension!
  • for the first time characters can talk with real voice.
  • the color is bright, nice, and vivid.
  • the music in the field sounds amazingly grand.
  • the music during the night and day are different.
  • the orginal sound like text redereing and pointer moving are still there.
  • monsters are very cute, especially “drackie” and “candy cat”.
  • resurrection and banishing can be done only in church, just like the old days.
  • cursed king throde’s voice sounds like “yoda” speaking with correct grammar.
  • cursed princess is like a ghost, i can hear her in the field but i can’t see her.