way back in 1982, a gigantic alien spaceship stops over johannesburg in africa. the government then decides to take them in by creating a large camp called “district 9″ separated them from human. soon, that place turns into slum as the aliens are populating. by the edge of 21st century, the population of alien creatures is over 1.8 million in number.

the organization called “mnu” (multinational united) who has been taking care of the conflicts between human and alien is now responsible for the relocation of the alien population. all the aliens must be moved to a new camp a.k.a. district 10, far away from human residences.

a man named wikus is assigned to lead the relocation process by starting to file the eviction notices to aliens in district 9. during the process he discovers a cylinder which appears to contain some kind of liquid and he accidentally exposes himself with the mysterious matter inside that container.

a few hours after the exposure, one of his arms has mutated into an alien form, and he is taken to the headquarter of mnu to run a series of testing before mnu decides to dissect him. however he is panic and escapes from the building with his irregular power. he flees to district 9.

the script, the editing, the performances, and the special effects are absolutely brilliant. it is a-must-see, definitely one of the best films in 2009 and probably one the best in many years for this genre. lastly, i sincerely am looking forward to its sequel, and hope that it will take less than three years to make.

★★★★★ acting
★★★★★ actors/casting
★★★★★ story
★★★★★ music/sound effect
★★★★★ direction/composition
★★★★★ overall

movie: district 9 | director: neill blomkamp | release: 2009