Lieblingsweihnachtslieder (Dieter Thomas Kuhn)

Lieblingsweihnachtslieder (Dieter Thomas Kuhn)

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Lieblingsweihnachtslieder | Dieter Thomas Kuhn (2004) ★★★½☆
lieblingsweihnachtslieder! ah, that’s german. it means something like “favorite christmas carols”. i just can’t believe that german can say that in one long word. heheh.

i bet not meany people listen to german christmas music, except they’re german of course. if we’re talking about the popular one that everyone might have heard of, it would be “stille nacht” or “silent night” in english. this song was originally written in german by josef mohr and the melody was composed by franz x. gruber.

this lieblingsweihnachtslieder album contains favorite classic tunes in both in english and german by german singer “dieter thomas kuhn” (except the first song which apparently is spanish) it’s another nice album in the my christmas collection.

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