denon link cable

denon link cable

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denon link is a proprietary high-grade digital audio interface designed for the audio enthusiast. it is made from high purity copper wire and high performance connection parts. denon’s 1.5-meter ultra premium link cable comes with ridiculously high price tag of $499. yes 499, not 4.99 (around 17,000 baht) for more details, please visit denon.

i never know that pure copper is extremely valuable. $499? i suppose they have created this cable in gravity free laboratory outside planet earth. this cable must be able to transfer data at triple speed of light flawlessly with no single bit of error. the cable does look like cat-56. anyone is interested to purchase one and use it with switch?

  • As on color code on cable; I’m surely confirm that it’s a utp category 6 cable.
    = =
    but the price is still extremely too high for that.

  • มาอีกแล้วของแพงไฮโซ
    สายเดียวแพงกว่าคอมอิฉันทั้งซีพียูเรย – -*

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